How to make a website load faster with pictures

Google knows how long your website takes to load and they never want to give their users a bad experience which includes slow loading websites. In other words, speed matters. So How to make a website load faster with pictures?

There are many tools out there that are going to show you total load time. So the first thing you’re going to do is to run a speed test for your website.

For that, I like to use Pingdom.

How to make a website load faster with pictures
How to make a website load faster with pictures

Pingdom will give you an overall grade and load time. It will show you how long your site takes to fully load as well as the overall page size and the great thing here is it shows you a list of things which needs to improve, but you should definitely take it lightly because some things are just going to be really impractical to implement, based on the way your site is built and some are huge time-wasters.

How to make a website load faster with pictures (Problem Solved)

If your website getting slow by using images, Here are the checklist that every pro uses to increase their site speed.

1: Shared to Dedicated

The first thing is you need to upgrade from shared hosting to a dedicated managed hosting.

Your site only going be as fast when the server will power it. If you have a slow server it will be really bad for your search engine appearance, not just loading time and honestly, most of the website owners are switching their shared hosting to dedicated hosting just because of slow loading speed of images and pages.

Shared to Dedicated
Shared to Dedicated – How to make a website load faster with pictures

The main difference here is a shared hosting host your website on a server with a bunch of other websites and a dedicated server is just personally yours. Of course, that does cost more but if it makes your website load more quickly and more people are sticking around on your site it,s probably going to be worth the price difference.

For dedicated hosting we only recommend Hostgator. HostgatorĀ uses industry-standard servers. They offer a Service Level Agreement that guarantees a 99.9% uptime. This means that if your site is not up at least 99.9% of the time, you will get free credit.

2: Cache

Whenever a site’s load, browser rebuild a web page and show it to the user. The browser has to scramble to find all the data and then put it all together and then show it to your users.

This involves a lot of steps and it can slow your website down especially if you have a lot of visitors at the same time. So, for this reason, we recommend for every website to add some kind of a caching plugin. We recommend Wp rocket (if you are a WordPress user).

Cache -  How to make a website load faster with pictures
Cache – How to make a website load faster with pictures

Caching can make a huge difference and make your website load about two to five times faster even with images.

So here’s how it works instead of going through that whole page rebuilding process every time the caching plugin actually just makes a copy of your page and then shows that to every user.

3: Image Optimization

The next thing you want to do is optimize your images. Image optimization can decrease up to thirty percent of a page’s total size.

Because of that, you can get some pretty big improvements just by optimizing your image sizes. So when we’re talking about optimizing your images there are two ways to do that.

The first one is to use an online image optimizer. I recommend TinyPNG, You can optimize up to 20 images at a time by using this tool for free.

graphic optimization -  How to make a website load faster with pictures
Graphics optimization – How to make a website load faster with pictures

The second and most effective way to load your site faster is to use image optimization plugins, It will take care of all your problem automatically. I like to use a smush premium it doesn’t reduce the quality at all and it does an excellent job in loading time.

4: Lazy load

By using a lazy load plugin only the content that in the browser window is going to be load, and when the user scrolls down to the other elements it starts to load just before they came into view.

This not only speeds up your loading time but it also saves your bandwidth because it doesn’t have to load up all that data for those who are not scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

lazy load
lazyload – How to make a website load faster with pictures


These are the most to least effective checklist you need to consider. I hope this article will help you to find out how to make a website load faster with pictures. If you have any other queries contact us we will love to help you out.

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