Fastest shared hosting WordPress

Fastest shared hosting WordPress
Fastest shared hosting WordPress

Here is the list of the best fastest shared hosting WordPress for your business.

1: Siteground

Site ground is our first choice in the fastest shared hosting WordPress Because it is one of three companies that WordPress themselves recommends to host WordPress sites, so that’s a pretty big deal that WordPress recommends this company.

They are also really easy to set up, they’re pretty fast service and reliable besides that it comes with a free SSL certificate which many other companies charge for.

But there are some negative sides of Siteground as well, they are not the cheapest option out there Siteground is a mid-range server. This is our only recommended option if you are planning to buy one.

Another issue with its basic hosting plan is it comes with a limit on how much data you can upload to the server, If you have a website that going have high-resolution graphics, images or videos then you should go for high tier plans.

2: Bluehost

On the second number we recommend Bluehost and they are also recommended by WordPress themselves to be used as a hosting service.

we do recommend Bluehost as the fastest shared hosting WordPress and we use their service as well but it is a bit overprice as compare to others.

3: Hostgator

Hostgator is a very popular hosting company out there. The amazing fact about Hostgator is it owned by the same parent company that owns Bluehost. That is why both Hostgator and Bluehost are very similar. That is why prices are very similar to both of these services.

But one con for Hostgator is it is not recommended by WordPress and in my opinion, to choose between Hostgator or Bluehost we would go for Bluehost.

4: A2 Hosting

has one of the fastest server times out there and they have decent pricing as well. But it is not the most reliable fastest shared hosting WordPress. Recently their server got hacked and many of their sites went down.

But the best part of A2 hosting is their uptime is 99% plus.

5: Godaddy

Godaddy is very popular for buying domains, in fact, we only recommend Godaddy to buy any domain names. But we do not recommend to use GoDaddy hosting service. They spend a lot of money on marketing they didn’t spend much money on actual product besides that they are pricey as well.

Another con of Godaddy they are great for buying web domain but after that, they started to convince you to buy their hosting services by paying extra for premium services.

6: Wp Engine

Wp engine is not like other hosting that we talked about. In the hosting world so far it is the fastest hosting right now. Extremely reliable and excellent support service from their team.

But wait here is the bad part of the Wp engine, it is ten times the price of any other hostings. We only recommend it if your website is extremely important to you and for the user then it makes sense to go for the Wp engine.

7: Inmotion

Inmotion is another great hosting company and to be honest with you we don’t see any big pros while using it.

Inmotion in kind of average hosting, their speed is around average and prices are double as compare to other platforms we have talked about.

Personally we do not recommend this hosting.

8: Hostinger

The big benefit of Hostinger is it’s one of the cheapest hosting out there. You can start with $0.80/month. If money is your first concern then we recommend going for Hostinger.

With Hostinger you will get what you pay for. Do not expect it to perform best but it is a great choice for startups.

9: Dream Host

Last on our list is Dream host. The best part of this hosting is it’s recommended by WordPress themselves. But besides that, they are more expensive as compare to Siteground or Bluehost which are also recommended by WordPress.


Now its time for the conclusion. To us, we only recommend Siteground just because of there performance to price ratio. Great uptime speed, quick reply support quality of service.

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