Best social media platforms for lead generation

Best social media platforms for lead generation
Best social media platforms for lead generation

Best social media platforms for lead generation and how to use social media for lead generation today we gonna discuss a couple of strategies that you can apply and implement it inside of your business.

Social media platforms help businesses to generate leads from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. And if the strategies followed in the right direction it can boost business to the next level.

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List for – Best social media platforms for lead generation

Here is the list if Best social media platforms for lead generation 2020.

1: Youtube

Social media is getting extremely powerful, Youtube is a great place to generate a lot of traffic. One of the best ways to drive a lot of leads and traffic is to create a Youtube channel and start uploading videos.

Almost every new startup getting into Youtube to get new customers and clients for their business.

Here are the important key point which you can implement to generate leads from Youtube.

  • Create at least two to three videos in a week
  • Share your website link or contact information in the description of every video
  • Provide engaging content
  • Get a partnership with Youtube influencers
  • Run Youtube paid ads

2: Facebook

Another place that you can generate a lot of traffic is Facebook. Facebook is a great platform to get people to follow you.

One of the best things about Facebook is, every type of person uses it. Whether it is a professional businessman, a housewife or a college student.

According to Facebook, they have more than 2.2 Billion active users. Just imagine the potential this platform has.

Tips to generate leads through Facebook:

  • Create a post that sends users to the actual offer page or landing page
  • Use Hashtags in every post.
  • Post relevant videos. Facebook gives more value to videos instead of images
  • Run lead generation ad campaign

3: Twitter

Twitter has around 330m active users. More than 65% of people bought something they found from business tweets. Twitter is a great source to generate leads for small businesses.

The following are some points you can note to generate high-quality leads:

  • Tweet at the right time. According to the Hubspot, Wednesday afternoon is the best time for B2B
  • Focus on quality Tweets
  • Tweets regularly
  • Use Hashtags in every post

Pro-tips to generate leads quickly

You need to act and think differently as compared to others. Here are useful tips to generate leads quickly.

Tip no. one

Give any kind of incentives to the user to gain more trustability between each other. For example, give free E-books or any useful guide and generate a targeted email list and send promotional emails. You can use Aweber to automate all your email responses and campaigns.

Tip no. two

Now to take Best social media platforms for lead generation strategies to the next level you need to leverage all the social media networks and drive traffic from every platform.

I like to use Hibu, Whether its Youtube, Facebook or Twitter, Hibu knows the way from where and how to generate leads for you. Instead of trying to build social media on your own try their services to speed up the result.


We are living in a time where an 8-year-old kid who likes toys or the 50-year-old guy who lives in LA has build a huge following online and making millions from it.

So here are the best social media platforms for lead generation. If you follow these tips and strategies in the right manner it will surely add fuel to the fire.

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